Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Arlo Grace

Our sweet girl, Arlo Grace
Born on July 20 (her Ya Ya's birthday) at 0951
7 pounds 13.6 ounces
20 inches

41 weeks

14. jul

BABY'S SIZE     still a watermelon!  20 ish inches and 7 ish pounds.  apparently the watermelon just keeps growing week by week after week 40.

HOW I'M FEELING     apparently my body and baby are not ready.  i am more than ready though.  this waiting is getting hard.

WHAT I'M EATING     still dreaming of mckalister's.  maybe that will be my final meal monday night before i get induced.

HOW I'M CHANGING  nesting is now happening full force.  until i get too tired and have to have a nap.  we did some serious nursery organizing.  and house organizing, for that matter.

MOVEMENT     baby is still wiggling like crazy.  decreased movement is a big one to look for post-dates.  just because they have less room, often there is less amniotic fluid, etc, etc.  things are looking good though.

SLEEP     it's starting to be painful to just roll over to try to get comfy again.

THINGS THIS WEEK     induction set for monday night!  i am on the schedule to work the few nights before, so we will see!  

LOOKING FORWARD TO     baby.  that is all.  induction is scheduled for 41 and 4 days.

FUN FACT     they say this post-dates baby will be more alert at birth because of extra time in the womb.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

40 weeks

7. jul

40 weeks have come and gone.  sigh...

BABY'S SIZE     a watermelon!  20 ish inches and 7 ish pounds.  

HOW I'M FEELING     now i'm ready.  and baby doesn't seem to be.  taking its sweet, sweet time.  if that's what it needs, it can have an extra few days I GUESS!  

WHAT I'M EATING     i had a chicken salad sandwich and mckalister's and i CAN NOT stop thinking about it.  it was sooo amazing!  also, i really really really just want to drink coke.  with ice.  through a straw.

HOW I'M CHANGING  my brain is ready.  my belly cannot possibly budge another centimeter.  and my patience is being stretched to unthought of boundaries.

MOVEMENT     baby is moving a ton.  i did acupuncture this week, because they say it helps induce labor naturally.  throughout each entire appointment baby was just wiggling and wiggling away.  so apparently it does something!  the acupuncturist told me that the belief is that if acupuncture doesn't induce, they most definitely do not induce labor, because that baby is meant for greatness and it is very very bad to change that baby's stars/astrology.  the future looks bright for this baby of ours.

SLEEP     how can i sleep when there is a chance that baby could come at any minute??    

THINGS THIS WEEK     this week has been dedicated to doing all the things that will help get me ready to deliver baby.  walking, bouncing on a yoga ball, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, eating dates, the list goes on.  so far, nothing.    

LOOKING FORWARD TO     baby.  that is all.

FUN FACT     lungs are even more developed and super prepared to get breathing.

oni and eda being themselves:
making sure everything is going ok in the bathroom

guarding the crib with her life

39 weeks

30. jun

BABY'S SIZE     a pumpkin!  almost 20 inches and 7-9 ish pounds, so they say.  

HOW I'M FEELING     aaaaalllmost ready.  she offered to do this "procedure" in the office to help get things going and i wasn't quite ready for that.  turns out i'm not dilated, so she wouldn't have been able to do it anyway.

WHAT I'M EATING     in the mood for FRESH.  fruits and veggies, please!  and cereal.    

HOW I'M CHANGING     i think at this point we know my belly will continue to grow forever.  this week, i think i'm getting ready mentally.  this baby is really coming.  and it's coming soon!  and i'm almost ready for it!  

MOVEMENT     lots and lots of wiggles.    

SLEEP     i am only surviving because of naps.

THINGS THIS WEEK     i got a pedicure so i have pretty toes to look at while pushing.  hah

LOOKING FORWARD TO     meeting this baby of ours!  i'm ready to know boy or girl.  i'm ready for some serious baby snuggles.  

FUN FACT     baby can flex its limbs.  baby's nails probably extend past the fingertips.

38 weeks

23. jun

BABY'S SIZE     a winter melon! (i have no idea what that is).  19 inches and 6-9 ish pounds, so the app says.

HOW I'M FEELING     getting close to feeling ready but not quite.  i don't think nesting has really hit.  i'm taking that as my biggest sign that things are about to happen.  guess baby wants to wait too.    

WHAT I'M EATING     i feel like other than cereal, the cravings are kind of stopping - the few that i had.  i feel like i'm eating pretty normal.

HOW I'M CHANGING     somehow, my belly keeps growing and growing.  the waddling is definitely becoming more pronounced.  at my last ob checkup, she told me that baby is sitting super low, and she was surprised that i wasn't feeling more pelvic pressure.  i think that is a good thing for when labor actually starts.  baby is already in position!

MOVEMENT     baby is a wild thing.  always wiggling and kicking and rolling.  the rolls feel the weirdest.  my belly starts to feel really tight and then suddenly there is a giant lump moving across it (usually the baby's booty!)

SLEEP     i'm taking lots of naps.  i can't sleep very long at a time - usually 4 hours is max, so naps are key.  

THINGS THIS WEEK     i started precepting a new girl at work, which means that i get to get paid extra to teach her how to do everything, and i sit around while she takes all the patients.  a nice, relaxing way to work my last few weeks before maternity leave!
i've been swimming a lot lately, too.  it feels so nice to be weightless for a while.  the getting out part is always rough though.

LOOKING FORWARD TO     today, i am looking forward to seeing everyone who is planning on coming after the baby arrives (who knows how i will feel about it tomorrow! hah!)

FUN FACT     baby could already have an inch of hair.  the head is about the same circumference as the abdomen.

trying to take artsy photos in the pool, but my belly kept getting in the way